Quick Weight Loss Help

Do you have a date in two weeks and need to look extra gorgeous? Do you have a special occasion and need to wear the dress that you ordered two months ago but could not fit in anymore? You are very much in need of quick weight loss. Before you start not eating, remember that the body, no matter how tough it seems, can only absorb so much shock. So the golden rule in weight loss is to eat. If you need to lose weight fast, here are some tips:

- Eat six to seven times a day. You eat but you do not fill up the tank! You eat small, small meals for six to seven times to increase your body's metabolism without shocking it.

- Get rid of sugar. And other sweets. Sugar can be so mean that they are top causes of getting fat aside from calories. Try not putting sugar in your drink and in your food then see what happens.

- Stick to broiled and steamed foods. Less caloric intake, less fat, less weight.

- Keep moving. Keep moving especially after a meal. This does not mean that you have to kill yourself of indigestion. But do not hit the sack immediately after eating. In addition, you may want to add a 30 minute exercise to your daily routine to keep those fats at bay.

- Drink green tea. Not one cup but five cups minimum. They are healthy and very rich in L Carnitine which will help you burn fat easily.

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